EUROCIRCE - agricultural cooperative societies

EUROCIRCE is an Agricultural Cooperative which operates in the production and trade of fresh vegetables since 1979.
Established by the will of a group of farmers, it has always had as its objective the production of fresh fruits and vegetables, ensuring every day products excellent quality on the tables of consumers.

Today EUROCIRCE includes about 110 members producing mostly family who cultivate an area of 500 hectares of which 70% covered greenhouses with modern technological systems.

The farms of EUROCIRCE members are located in the towns of Terracina,Sabaudia and San Felice Circeo, in that vast area has always been dedicated to agriculture which is the Pontine plain bordering the National Park of Circeo.

In these areas, where natural factors combine to create optimal natural conditions for the production thanks to the mild climate, with winter temperatures rarely drop below freezing, combined with the favorable geographical characteristics, produce fruit and vegetables of the highest quality.f-10 A complete programming of the production cycle allows to have a permanent range of products throughout the year. The average production of the product is around 35,000 tons with a turnover of about €. 20,000,000.00.

The attention of the Board of Directors towards the needs and expectations of customers and end-users is maximum and is expressed in the continuous monitoring of the needs and trends of the industry. Internal and external audits are carried out at regular intervals and surprise to verify the conformity of products, equipment, packaging, personnel and production processes.

The product is marketed especially in the markets of Central / Northern Italy and European markets.

EUROCIRCE is recognized as Producer’s Organization pursuant to EEC Reg. 123/2007.

The objective that we pursue every day and for which we are constantly working to ensure the consumer a healthy product and excellent quality and are convinced that taking advantage of our experience, research, development of legal solutions to our production processes, assisted by technology, we can achieve our goal.

The result of a year of filming, the video illustrates the commitment and professionalism we use it every day to provide a fresh and genuine product that comes on the boards of many European families as soon as caught.


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