Best element in the production process of EUROCIRCE is the quality and environmental protection.

Since 1992 we follow the directives of the Lazio Region for the Regional IPM applying the Integrated Production Regulations consisting of a rational and limited use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Particular attention is placed on the choice of variety, preferring crop varieties, strictly NO GMOs, which have a greater resistance to plant diseases typical of the area. f-47Also on farms of members it is implemented crop rotation, a particular tillage, which guarantees the oxygenation and regeneration, “sunburn” for natural soil disinfection, micro-irrigation and fertigation localized that guarantee lower water consumption and a reduced use of fertilizers, replace the use of pesticides with the use of preparations of biological origin, the use of insects for natural pollination.

The controls on the productions are performed systematically in the entire production cycle from the technical agronomic service consists of a team of agronomists and agro-technicians to ensure the health of consumers and operators.

f-16The entire production process is subject to self according to the HACCP standards and all our products comply with the formalities required by traceability.


The productions are EUROCIRCE Certificate according to GLOBAL G.A.P. standards, The EUROCIRCE has a processing plant built on a total area of 46,517 square meters, of which 7,232 square meters of newly established recently expanded that IFS certificate.

The focus on social standards has meant that many manufacturers are GRASP partners certified.




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